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TNL3542 said
Carmen said
If I’m not surfing… I’ll do on average about an hour of mixing up skipping rope with sit-ups and push-ups, then hang off the door frame doing chin-ups and pull-ups… no particular order, just mix it up to what my body feels it wants the most…

Oh yeah… generous doses of sunlight and I try to avoid any food with numbers in it!


Where do you surf? I am a keen surfer and have the blues today, 6ft and perfect at my favourite spot! (Winki-pop Australia) http://www.swellnet.com.au/reports/torquay/daily
ohhh man i miss the ocean :( i used to live really close to a ocean myrtle beach sc.. was just a few blocks away from it

Nice, I’ve surfed at Maroubra a few times and I’ve been stay down near Kiama since I was a grom. I really like surfing around there. It’s South coast for me though, its colder but often its just you and your friends in the water. (Never at Winki though)

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Im trying to live as healthy as possible, because I wanna stay here as long as possible :D

So I used to smoke about 60 cigarettes per day and I quit it. I was Break Dancing for a 6 years (and knew all the cool power moves like : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqNtq436Otw)

Now Im swimming / jogging / biking every day. Im eating healthy food and drinking beer only twice per week (used to drink everyday)


I was in Flying Steps’s house 10 years ago when i was break dancing :)

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I do some activities involving cleaning at night, and it’s like areobics.

3.5 straight hours a night of back and forth.

It isn’t sex, but it makes me sweat!

Lost some of a beer-belly too!

I still love being on my keyboard!