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Hey guys, I’d like to promote my templates through Facebook, and I’ve already have a page there (though no friends or followers yet). How does this thing work? Should I leave my facebook profile link everywhere I appear on the web? Or there are more efficient scenarios?

Thank you.

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Essentially, create a facebook page (as opposed to what I believe you mentioned; a profile that has friends and followers). It will allow you to create a customer URL much like a profile (facebook.com/vovkacg), but gives you additional insight into page performance (new likes, insights (people talking about the page, reach, etc))

If you’re not wanting to create a page and use this method, there’s the option of getting users to simply ‘like’ the URL (much like what your items already have on the preview page on the marketplaces). However, the ‘likes’ are not cumulative, meaning each item will have it’s own like counter. Psychologically, users determine the value/trust in a page highly based upon its likes, so this method is unlikely to be the best way forward. It’s good for example, if you have a website with say, 50+ blog posts, and want users to like each blog post. You have the added advantage of each user ‘liking’ your content more than once, thus reaching a larger audience.

A facebook page on its own is unlikely to attract many likes. People often need some sort of brand familiarity to your products/themes, or incentives (such as liking will subscribe them to whatever you post; giving away freebies, or whatever). However, this is getting a little off tangent here.