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I am a new WP user – version 3.2.1 – and a recent purchaser of Peerapong’s lovely Core theme. Because some of the images and file I plan to use are over 2MB, I was affected by the “upload file size 2MB” limit and associated problems that others have had.

I read many – possibly dozens – of posts on here and other sites about this, but not many of them were that current. Through using bits and pieces of many of them, I was able to successfully increase my WP upload file size to 32MB, and I though it might be a good idea to share what worked for me in case it can help anyone else having similar issues.

Most posts I read about this issue seemed to centre around the editing (or in some cases, the creation) of the php.ini file. Some posts suggested those using BlueHost could use the cPanel and go to the “Software/Services” section, click on “PHP Config”, and once in there, change the php to php5 (Single php.ini), which would make the php.ini file work for all subfolders which needed the settings it contained.

Although I use the cPanel interface for my domain and page admin functions, the suggestion above did not work for me – probably because I use a small, independant hosting company, and do not have Server Admin access which is needed to change anything in cPanel’s “PHP Config ” settings.

In reading the many posts, it helped me remember that – from authoring early html pages years (over a decade actually!) ago – sometimes you had to copy the same *.ini file (or other type of file) to multiple folders in the server directories in order for the file to work or do what it had to do. With this in mind, here is what ultimately worked for me:

I determined that I already had “php.ini” files located in both my “public_html” and “www” folders on my server. I then used only the following text:

max_execution_time = 90

max_input_time = 300

memory_limit = 64M

post_max_size = 32M

upload_max_filesize = 32M

...to modify the “php.ini” files – here’s how I did that:

To be safe, I first backed up the 2 existing “php.ini” files that were already present in my “public_html” and “www” folders, and once they were backed up, I edited them on the server using Coffee Cup Direct FTP and inserted the text above.

After this was done, I then copied this new “php.ini” file to the “public_html > wp-admin” and “www > wp-admin” subfolders as well.

A quick logoff/logon later, and my “Media > Upload New Media” section of my WP Admin Dashboard now shows “Maximum file upload size: 32MB”. I can’t see a way here to include a screen cap showing the 32MB max file size in this post, otherwise I would – I can e-mail it to you if you like.

I confirmed that the changes were successful by uploading 3 files each about 9MB in size.

I hope this can help others increase their upload limits as well. I am sorry if this might be a little long-winded, but I wanted to make sure I explained this as clearly as possible.