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I’ve encountered some very strange behavior. Consider following situation:

I’m currently working on a client WordPress site. The client wanted a very simple, WP based forum. Each forum post has it’s own view count, which is simply a meta value holding number of views, attached to the post. View counter updates when a single forum post page is requested, with update_post_meta() function called from the top of single.php file.

I’ve been messing around viewing posts to see if the counter updates correctly, and while displaying the page in FireFox a very strange thing was happening – the view counter for current post got updates, plus the counter of one post newer that the one currently displayed. In other words – when update_post_meta() was run on post with ID of 1030, the meta value got updated in both 1030 and 1031 posts. It was not a one-time behavior – I’ve tried to do this more than 200 times and was getting the same result every single time.

I have fought with it for over an hour trying to figure out what the heck is wrong until I restarted FireFox and everything is now working as it should.

The question is – how is that even possible? How on earth can browser mess with a server side scripting? I’m 100% sure it wasn’t a server-side bug as everything worked perfectly fine in other browsers and works fine now after restarting FireFox. Nor was it a caching issue, because I’ve checked the results in other browsers.

Have any of you experienced something similar?