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Hi !

I was looking at some popular theme and I tought it would be good to have some ’’sale graphic’’ (Im french im not sure if this is the way to say it) to know how much sales a theme make every month .. That would be awesome.

That doesnt exist so I am gonna ask you guys , do you think that your template only sell for 1-2 month .. or they continue after a while but slower ? I’ve calculated how much money the best template were making and some here have made around 700-1000$ with their theme wich is good because sometime its only in 2 month .. but , do you think it will stay like that for a long time ? some people make 300-400$/month for 2-3 month with 1 theme .. that would be awesome if that continue for 2-3 years but since the web tendencies change a lot , I doubt it will be like that.

Tell me what you think about that !

Thanks !