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Hey guys, just a quick question… Its about being commissioned to make a 2minute track for a specific project. It involves recording or sourcing female vocal sounds too (no words, just some melody cut outs). Since plenty of you amazing people is involved in working on similar jobs more than me, would you be so kind to share some vital info so that I do not sound to expensive or too cheap?

Im still waiting for client to tell me weather they need just a 1 year licence or want to buy the rights to the track..

Should I ever consider selling rights to my track anyway?

Since its a very specific track and quality is a great factor here, obviously I would spend plenty of hours in the studio working on it..so price similar to AJ extended licence is out of the question. But how much should I really ask for?

Should I say the final price may change? Cause clients like to make adjustments and spend extra time on projects..

Please, anyone? Thank you in advance! Pawel