How to add custom meta box under Gallery Settings in the “Edit Gallery” popup

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I want to add option for the user to choose the type of the gallery which he is adding. Will it be a slider, masonry gallery or some other type.

I cannot figure it out how I can add custom meta data in the media popup. Here in the screenshot I am showing where I would like to put it.

enter image description here

I would like to add SELECT, with OPTIONs of the Gallery type.

Thank you

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Pretty sure it can’t be done.
Best thing to do it just let the user choose images, and choose the gallery type somewhere else.

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Hey Design_Mania,

I’ve never tried this myself … but, I have been doing some research into customizing the “Add Media popup” for a current project I’m working on and I think I might have something that can help get you started.

To add meta data to the popup there are a few hooks that can be used: 1. attachment_fields_to_edit 2. attachment_fields_to_save

Here’s a WPtuts+ article on How to Add Custom Fields to Attachments ... though it doesn’t appear to be for galleries I hope it will (if nothing else) get you going in the right direction.

Don’t quote me exactly on any of this, I’m still trying to learn myself … but, I hope it’s enough to start with! ;)