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I didn’t understand what you meant with that:
But you said you was going to ship a php app with the product so it wasn’t 100% external. Does that then not mean the customer, if they have a web server could run that php file by itself to create the necessary html css and js files? And if so is this OK?
I will just ship the app in the zip as well, so they can run it with a local web server if they want to.

Ah yes that’s what I meant. You are just shipping it with the PHP file so they can run it on their local server.

Also, just to note, please don’t take my opinion as any authority as I’m just a newbie!!! It would be interesting to see what more elite authors make of this as I’m sure this problem must have come up before.

Good luck, I like all your work btw ;)

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I’d love to hear other opinions as well, I’m still not sure what to do.

Thanks! ;)