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hey everybody.

i believe a sales drop at the weekends is absolutely normal. my sales drop by about 50-80%. in some rare cases i could keep the drop low at about 10-20% (average).

i would like to know if you are experiencing the same? how do you deal with that? anybody suggestions how to minimize the drop? maybe do some special marketing just for the weekends?

hope im not the only one ;) ergün

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I think the weekends are just less traveled and therefore have less sales. To make up for this, you could do a few things.

Forget about marketing to less people on the weekends, and instead make more items or improve old items.

If you do choose to market, do some research. I found that by reading up and learning new tactics, I could actually market my products in multiple ways for free!

Spend weekends working on improving, rather than focusing on the dropped sales. Trust me, just keep adding to your collection and marketing efforts, it helps alot!