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Well I wanted to sort of cover this properly in my previous thread, it went a little off topic so here’s a more detailed approach to what I intend to do in the future concerning rejections.

The best way to handle a rejection is not getting one at all, so before submitting your Template, I would suggest closing all the editing software and see exactly what your submitting.

Firstly Check that your css and html is valid using the w3 validation services for html & css

If all is well move along and start testing your site, in all the relevant browsers IE6 , IE7, IE8 , Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari.

Take notes on paper or in a txt file, since you are playing the part of the “reviewer” now and they cant tweak your file “quickly”.

Also note that IE is not generating any page errors (check bottom left corner for a little exclamation mark)

Open your editor & fix all bugs and glitches as required, you might want to look at IE CSS Bugs & IE Only from CSS Tricks

If all is sorted and everything looks and works the same continue.

Great with that done and your ready to submit, just assume you’ve been rejected :P Harsh I know but now it’s go time! Check that your spacing and padding is well spaced and that your, content is easy to read. This can easily be made way more readable by using a sans-serif font and adjusting the line height. (You really can do all this first before doing the checks mentioned above, else if you do tweak anything you will have to re-check)

If changes were made finish them all and then test it in relevant browsers to see if the problems are fixed.

Then validate the pages. (css & html) & if all is well take your screenshots, zip your files, create your thumbnail & preview images with text files and upload.

This is the way I’m going to approach my process to avoid some rejection & also save the reviewers some headaches. It might not completely eliminate rejections but it will surely reduce them quite a bit I believe!



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This is totally true, thanks ;)