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they save their most evil captchas for customer support. i once spent two hours trying (fruitlessly) to log on to COMPLAIN about the captchas. i will never shut up about this.

I personally have never had any captcha problems, would you please be able to take a couple of screenshots of these “evil captchas” and combine them into a single image, then post the final single image showing all the impossible captchas here on the forums? This way we can all see what the problem may be, and this single image can be sent to staff so they can easily see your complaint and hopefully offer a solution.

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Envato team

not only does captcha not prevent spam, it has been proven to alienate customers.

i will refresh my decision to whine about this at every opportunity when envato refreshes its treatment of me. without buyers ur authors will starve.

you would not believe how many people have contacted me in support of my crusade.. in fact its about to turn into a full blown website. i am that angry.

While I can agree with you that sometimes captcha requires at least 1-2 refreshes for me to be able to solve it (getting old I think), I’ve never been “unable” to solve it… nor did I ever feel “alienated” from buying something just because of a silly little thing like that.

Seriously though, how can one say it doesn’t prevent spam? That’s like admitting to the fact that a spambot is more capable of deciphering the image than “us humans”... really? Yes, if some nice secret gvt. operation would share their image recognition program with a spam-bot creator, that might sound plausible, but so far it doesn’t. And frankly, if you have the time to focus on creating, or contemplate creating a website complaining about something, I do believe your efforts are aimed rather at flaming something that bothers, and I repeat, just “bothers”, a select few, instead of actually trying to solve it. But alas, it’s your choice, and then again, freedom of speech is something well appreciated around here.

That being said, I do believe dtbaker’s suggestion might prove to be useful for everyone to see your point, and better understand this grievous attack captcha is currently aiming at us helpless humans.


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Is this the reason Envato is taking so long to answer my Support ticket?

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I can’t login too – there is no login form now. I have old ticket and can’t do anything now.

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Envato team

Please email me your ticket numbers and I’ll get the Support team to look into them. Thanks! travis at envato dot com