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Any suggestions? Maybe Envato Team does know better what keys to success?

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You cannot expect for one to tell you “the keys of the success”, nobody does that. Even if you were to listen big entrepreneurs, they won’t tell you “Okay, do this and do that.”. All you can expect is an idea (Most of the time vague.)

No “expert” does that. I’d say it’s a field where you have to get an idea like “Okay, we’ll run AdSense” and have to give it a go, see how it goes.

Also, there are way too many factors to play in that. You have to have a really well known target, you must do your math with percentages (In case you want to, let’s say make 20% of the sales go for advertising) and if it’s worth it. ‘Cause it’s really hard to convert traffic into sales (Catchy Headlines, Great – Intuitive Images, Prices..You care about all of that. Never done it, to be honest. Not me, myself, but it’s really hard to do such things, it really is.) (That’s a fact.)

So you definitely give it a go, try different options and see which ones work better for you. (Usually this is how it goes on advertising.)

An author might have success running AdSense, but it doesn’t mean that you will do too.So really you just have to practice and see.

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Try a small budget first and see what works and what doesn’t, be careful you’ll go bankrupt with adwords easily. if this is your first time you need to understand some things with adwords theres the quality score, long tail and short tail keywords, understanding your target audience and so much more.

If your going to do adwords i suggest you read read read and besides themeforest is in the top 1 on the search result list in adwords search no use competing with them as your on the same company and they have much bigger budget than you.