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I do find it strange when a track has been purchased in AJ and then receives anything other than 5 stars, why would anyone want to choose a track for a project that after listening they feel merits anything other than 5 stars?

I totally agree, rating AJ items lower than 5 stars I also find it very strange (bad intentions I would say)

Also, I think that we should not contact buyers after they rate, I agree with this too.

But ALSO, on the other hand, rating with 4 stars and just saying “item quality”, is not fair! The comment should contain in this case, some DETAILS about how the item can be improved, about what you do not like and what you’d expect to be different.

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Not that i support this kind of behaviour, but how do you guys respond to abusive buyers?

I had only one real abusive buyer since I’m here. He was purchased my item because his clients wanted him to buy it and he wanted to change his client decision to pay him for custom design (He said this a few days after this)

Once he purchased it, he rated my item a One star and started attacking me on the item comments. What I did was asking him politely several times to instead of insulting me in the comments, send me a ticket and let me help him with his problems.

It didn’t help and I have this 1 star rating on my item even after his account is closed in ThemeForest, but I believe I did the right thing.

We should not do anything regarding abusive buyers but to try to be as professional as we can and the last thing should be contacting Envato and asking them to help us on it.

Of course in this case ( This thread ) I don’t see an abusive buyer. They are free to rate our items whatever they think we deserve it.

This is business… Getting angry at clients and contacting them for such issues is not acceptable at all…


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the buyer is fully justified to rate whatever he/she pleases - Hope you will keep this state of mind when you’ll get 1 star rating. -

Okay firstly I do have a couple of 1 stars.

“harass them into giving you 5 stars” Never have I asked for a higher rating. All I wanted was knowing the motifs.

You did not have to, but saying hey thanks for your purchase, I noticed you rated the item 4 stars. How can I provide better service – would be much better then asking why did you rate me 4 stars when you can hear the preview.

- Correct me if I’m wrong, but the rating system should reflect on items quality and not serve as an outlet for one’s grudge and ill will. -

Since rating is a buyers personal opinion, how you interact with them will ofcourse have a positive or negative effect. If you told any buyer you pity their attitude, that will show in their opinion about you and your product.

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Justifying the rating with “nothing is perfect” is just stupid, than let’s disable 5 stars.

Ratings should be objective, based on the quality of the item.

I think we need transparency by replying to ratings, if they go public.

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Envato team

O’righty then.

@All: Thank you all for your contributions on this thread, some very valid points have been made, but unfortunately, random personal attacks rolled into the scene and I’ll have to lock this one up. That however does not remove from the validity of some of the great points being brought up here.

You can continue On-Topic contributions on the topic of ratings here:

Before judging what is acceptable you should know the whole story.
It was me, but my message wasn’t abusive. The buyer gave a 4 stars rating with reason “Item quality”, so I wrote him that the item has a preview so you know exactly what you get, therefore If the item quality is not good enough for you, why do you buy it instead looking for something you’re completely satisfied with? I always was puzzled by why people rate images and audio tracks less then 5 stars, so when finally I had a chance to ask a buyer I did it – what’s wrong about that? The buyer replied that giving 5 stars would mean that it is perfect and nothing is perfect. So I said that I pity such attitude and rating something that has a preview file less than 5 stars is foolish, because what he rates here is nothing but his choice and advised him leaving the rating blank if he finds difficult being positive and supportive. As a response the buyer rated the item with 1 star. If this is not the abuse of the rating system I don’t know what it is, and he’s reporting me for abuse?!

@Art-of-Sound: Thank you for coming forth to defend your case. This wasn’t required, as in such cases you can rest assured that both parties will be contacted by us for the sake of clarification.

I’m sorry if you felt offended by the fact that I, and a few others consider a statement, isolated, to be valid and dared to express feelings on how it was unacceptable.

Ratings are there, on any one of the Marketplaces, for the sake of expressing a buyer’s personal experience, opinion, and impression about any particular file. Constructive requests for feedback for the sake of improvement are of course a good intention, but I’m afraid that was not the sole factor in this discussion.

I will be in touch with both of you shortly.
Thank you.