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I went through the Site “Templates/Mobile” section and unfortunately couldn’t find anything that worked for me. Even though what I’m looking for is something that would probably be good to have available on theme forest consider it a personal request and email me your quotes please.

I’m a software developer so to all themeforest providers out there, consider that my needs may be very similar to other thousands of developers around the world and you may use this information to your advantage on future projects.

1- I need a template to a mobile app that must be based on HTML5 and CSS.

2- The template should not be depending on a specific framework such as jQuery Mobile. I’m a developer remember? I may be using a different tool.

3- Considering you will abstract the UI from the framework, you don’t need to work hard on the functionalities of things that are framework dependable such as lists, popups, and stuff like that. Just give a styled list and I will work on the code necessary to make it dynamic such as pagination, filter and order.

4- Many of the UI components I will be using will be native components, one of them is the toolbar, so we can style a tool bar but remember that I may change that to a native tool bar.

5- You can use some ready to use scripts available on the web such as those for picture galleries.

6- We need a version for tablets and one for smartphones, or something that is responsive.

Here are some applications that are similar to what I will be developing:

http://tiny.cc/qda5pw http://tinyurl.com/auk2ofu

The application you have the following sections:

- Splash screen - Home screen - News - Sermons (think of it as articles) - Events (an event calendar) - Submit prayer request - Our locations - Videos - Porcasts - Notifications (a list of notifications that will be pushed to the device) - Contact US

Once again I will remember you: I only need deign, not backend functionality. It must be beautiful, modern and elegant. I look for details at pixel level.

Thanks in advance;