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Hey guys,

For a while now I’ve been using BBedit on my Mac. I run into a few things that are starting to annoy me. An example would be auto-indent not working correctly: I open a function and when I hit enter, I expect a tab indented. Having to do this manually seems unnessary. Same goes with curly brackets. As soon as I open one and hit enter, a closing one could be added two lines down (since I’ll be probably closing my loop or function).

So.. what editor do you use?

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I’m using netbeans and textmate on mac (sometimes notepad++ on windows)

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When I’m coding on my Mac I use Coda, I use Textmate sometimes too but I just like the general feel of Coda better. I also like the ease of having the uploading functionality built in so I don’t need to keep switching between apps.

When on my Windows 7 laptop I use phpDeveloper7, I used to use Dreamweaver but just feel that phpDeveloper is less cluttered and let’s me just get on with what I need to do.

Neither of these are free, but as they are what I use everyday to work in, I feel that paying out a bit for something that feels better to use is worth the investment.

Obviously these are just my opinions and you may hate the software, that’s what free trials are for ;)

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I use my own editor “FEDITOR” to code. :) Check it out here. http://codecanyon.net/item/feditoronline-file-editor/149742