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Envato team

Dan, this is exactly what the Item Discussion in the forum is for, to discuss issues with particular items, which I’d imagine is the reason you opened this thread with links to your rejected projects. I don’t think we are boring anyone ;)

I’m attempting to help you understand what separates the projects that are approved from the projects you’ve had rejected, in hopes that you may avoid rejections in the future. However, I feel as though we aren’t getting much accomplished with this conversation, since it’s apparent that you are convinced the review process is unfair and based on the reviewer’s taste.

Just so we’re on the same page, “execution” and “appearance” aren’t mutually exclusive. If something is not executed well, wouldn’t you say that it’s appearance is not very good? But I think we’re just splitting hairs at this point.

It does sound as though you’re on top of it though, which is great, and we look forward to seeing your improved projects.

Best of luck!

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One of my project had rejected too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbAv18JS7aw

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My opinion is that it is not so as the saying goes. You look at the new projects adopted by other authors, and you see a very different quality and content, including the poor.

And your projects thrown in a standard way and you only require a work of art. As a result, the buyer no sees your work, and you bear the moral and financial losses.