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@aron66, once.
Two times! http://themeforest.net/user/ThemeGoods

That doesn’t really make sense though, says both those changes were 1 month ago? There are only 2 usernames shown there. I think you can only change it once.

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Nice name:) Btw How many times can we now change usernames? Just because there is a number before the text. “1 username change:” I’d like to know it, if any of you can answer me, thanks:)

I am not too sure if there is an official policy on this, all I know is I have changed once before (from dBlever to dBlevermusic) and they were cool with this change HOWEVER, envato posted not long ago that you could now change usernames by going to your account and changing yourself. When I tried it said I had already changed my name before I would need to contact envato support, which I did. The support person was also baffled by this but changed it for me anyway. It could be that after one change it is up to the discretion of envato.