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Getting feedback is a bonus not a right remember that.

If your messaging support about not getting feedback then they don’t need to reply as it says in the wiki that feedback, is not always give and is at the discretion of the reviewer.

You should be able to evaluation your own work and accept that it can be improved, as an artist I am never happy with my work I always think it could be better and has room for improvement. There is not 1 piece of work that I have done that I am 100% happy with.

If you can not improve you own work or see that it can be improved then being an artist/designer is probably not the right career for you.

On a final note posting threads like this in the forum reflect poorly on you and only leads harming the marketplace as a whole.

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Damn… I thought they will give me a feedback for my rejection. Really i was expecting feedback from Reviewers. But…...... ! :(

Thanks. :)

It’s not the reviewer’s job on providing feedback to improve a file. Their job is to make sure the design is up to par with the current requirements for it to be approved.

Anyways, why don’t you use the forums to get feedback from the community?

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It’s now 11 days .... :sick: still didn’t get any support from Support Team and didn’t get any feedback for my rejection from my reviewer. :( What’s wrong ? Anyone having this kind of problem before ? Thanks for your support. :)

Yep, I guess, sometimes our support letters disappear. Be sure to write it one more time and mention that it’s the second one. Write to support on twitter, too (@envato_support). It might help.

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear that! When things like this happen it almost always means that it got stuck in a spam queue somewhere or a mail server rejected it. I’d be more than happy to look into it for you, SBJEWEL , if you message me the ticket ID via my profile page.

I’ll go ahead and lock this, that way you can start a thread in item discussion about the item now or in the future if you wish and it’ll be in the right section :)

Thanks SBJEWEL !