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Hey guys,

I finally decided to “rebrand” my den! That includes not only my portfolio page and my avatar but also every item. Might be risky in terms of sales, but I justed wanted to get rid of those random item thumbs and bring some structure into my collection. My first attempt was too monotonous for my taste so I included a bit of image in the thumbs of my best items to cheer things up!

Oh and to celebrate all this goodness I just uploaded a new image viewer with a long list of xml customization options for interface sizes/slide times/transition types, etc. Hope it’ll make it online on monday!

I’m just in the process of moving to as3 so you will probably see my next files being as3. It’s sooooo much more efficient and logical! :)

You all have a nice weekend! Gonna go enjoy the awesome weather now with my girlfriend :)

Cheers, damojo