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I respect any author,I am learning after effects not css etc.I have no intention of selling on videohive but the files give you a real insight to learn.No different here.I have no intention of designing websites but learn to edit for clients. My point is it is worth buying templates to learn more,disect them,what common factors do the best selling items have,don’t copy them but put your spin on them.

It’s like any skill being taught is the beginning only experience makes you a master.You have dived in at the deep end it’s a good way to learn but you must be prepared to face some home truths from experts,you’ve received some on this thread so learn from them.

Themes should be neutral,you’ll notice most allow users to change them to their desired colour.Naturally the coding should be clean and easily editable by an average user(buyers are not coders).Enjoy the satisfaction when your theme is passed and learn on the journey to that result,best of luck.

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Checking your theme, we see some of our humble (may be already discussed here) points for you to double-check, please take in a good spirit:

1) Patterns on BG is outdated and it makes text less readable at those areas. Web has trend changing here each week and now it is better time for building plain stuffs without shadows, textures or thick borders.

2) Header area (specially the right side icons BG area – we never like it) is to be made professional, at present it is not on standards.

3) Home Slider -> Customize it to make it nice and attractive. This plugin is cool, but the way it has implemented on design is not enough. Add more breathing space vertically (overall in this theme).

4) Spacing issues…Alignment issues….Dear friend you never gonna get approved in the forest unless you have a ‘ruler scale’ on your browser. Be precise and give attention to each and every minute details.

5) Just think about all possible ways to arrange your great contents. Brainstorm to find a the best slot to put your stuffs and represent it on better way.

6) Have a good eye on the latest popular items on themeforest, always remember you are competing with a massively crowded category. Your theme should standout to survive.

We appreciate your time and efforts you have made on this. We see a lot of stuffs on this theme to be tweaked and once you make it perfect you are there. Don’t get disappointed or frustrated again, you can do it if you just keep up the passion..

TALE TIP: When we first produced a theme, we got 8 soft rejections -> we guys stopped making themes and went out for playing Soccer. It was a year ago. But now, we are full time @forest. Not even a minute to jump out of office :P . Yes, we are pretty happy with things being happened to us here :) It is such a great place to be in -> Hope the same for you too, soon.

So. have a nice time with code. You can make it up if you try.

All the very best. Cheers! Team Designova

I thanks for your suggestions, You’ve surprised me by your friendly & honestly reply, thank you so much. I wish happiness and health for your team.

best regards

:) Pleasure. Have a nice time there.