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Can i buy a photo in photodune to incorporate it in a flyer i will sell on graphicriver if i buy the extended licence?

Plz do say “read the licence FAQ page” or something like that, i already did, but my english is not the best so im not sure if i understood right.

I just need somebody tell me “yes you can” or “no you cant”

ty :)

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Yes, you can.

If using for preview ( not included in your template ), you only need a Regular license.

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This thread is a bit older but may I ask something, too:

I’m planning creating some flyers for GraphicRiver and may use some photos from Photodune for the preview images. Is it allowed to use a Photodune photo more than once in a preview with the regular license? (Let’s say I use as photo in preview for Flyer A – may I use the same photo in preview for Flyer B, too, without buying another regular license? The license terms don’t seem to restrict its use for a single project (in contrast to some other regular licenses on envato (e.g. on ThemeForest))

Thanks a lot! Marco

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Hello Marco

I’m in a situation that is kind of similar to yourself in that I’m looking at buying some images under the regular licence for a client but want to ensure that they can be used across different projects (for the same client) but the envato support staff can’t clarify (due to legal reasons).

So instead of using the image for different previews, I would like to use the image for a clients website, as well as 3/4 different leaflets that they require. They provide several different services and each leaflet will feature one main service with the others listed with a small thumbnail image.

Just to clarify, they won’t be used for different clients.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can advise