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What about put some box on the sidebar ( mean here on the site) with one little of those polls, pointing for buiers atention, with something like this inside:

What type of design/theme you like more? / site content type you need more?

+ Blog + News + Portfolio + Business + Personal

.... etc.

Then we can go someplace, we authors, also anybody of course, to see a graph of that. So, we can decide which types are on demand and work on that.

I think on this because i saw many threads talking about “hey there are so many portfolio sites” or things like that.

I already remember this same thing in the old flashden but with “hey, there are so many preloaders, we don´t want more preloaders please!!” :)

So, what you think, it´s not a good tool for everybody? Buyiers will have a way to show what they are looking for, authors could create and sell more in base of that info. Everybody happy, isn´t?

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market research is for every ones best interess…would be usefull