I need some input on what setup to use for a site with lots of content

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Hi everyone :)

I would like to rework my site but my main issue is that I have a lot of content in completely different areas:

I am maintaining a fitness blog with content linked to personal stories, tips, videos, food, links etc I am also a freelance artist and have digital tutorials, portfolio with trading card art and cover box art I did, publications etc I am however also an avid gamer and work in the game development industry which means I would like a section for that part as well, obviously Last but not least I am working in game marketing and would like to provide content, tips, links etc for indie game marketing since I am also working as a public speaker on that subject.

Now, I used to have different separate blogs for all of this but now I would like to have one landing page and then all the content linked from there under one overall look and feel. I as looking for portal themes but most of them use an archive/blog approach linked to menu categories which is in some cases not enough. Just my digital art section would have tutorials, galleries, downloads, news etc..same with the fitness part.

How would be the best way of going about this? Should I use child themes? Use separate installations for all of the different content?

I was also looking at magazine templates but it might get a bit messy. One thing that is a challenge is to design the actual main landing page to show all the available content on the very first home but then later on each content area is in need of their own overview/home as well.

So you get an idea, this is the content on my fitness blog http://www.tascha.ch/fitness/ My digital art site has about the same amount of content and the other areas will eventually get up to the same. You see, there is a lot of content on all of my interests which is the main issue I have with finding a good way of getting it all under the same hood. I do not want to have it all on completely different blogs.

I hope this makes sense and thanks a lot for any feedback :)

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So, it sounds like you’re asking for ways to organize your content while maintaining everything under one roof, so to speak. Correct?

There are basically only 2 ways of doing this in WP. One, enter your content in the Posts section and use categories and subcategories to organize everything.

Or, two, if you’re going to develop your own theme or have someone develop it for you, then you could make use of what are called Custom Post Types. Then you could have the standard section called “Posts” and then a separate section for each type of content you have, Digital Art, Gaming, Fitness, etc.

Personally, I think that’s probably overkill and you should be able to get by with using categories and sub categories, so long as you can find a theme capable of displaying it like you want.

I hope that helps.