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Hi there,

I’m currently doing an update of my theme and having some troubles because of a CSS3 compatibility issue on Internet Explorer. We’ll say that the template layout is “experimental”.

I’m using the CSS3 style property “background-size” to have something new working on fullscreen. I can’t use other method to have this done but that’s not the point.

My question is : Can I sell a template with a function that’s not working on IE? I mean that the template will be 95% compatible with IE… and then it’s up to the buyer to active it or not depending on his point of view about IE. And if the function is activated and a visitor is viewing the website on IE, it’ll warn him to view it on a better browser.

Waiting for your comments!

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I think that i saw few themes that don’t support IE7 , so you should try to support IE8 … If it it can’t support IE8 , you should at least make it degrade good for users who are using IE, because 28.6 % of internet users are using IE (according to w3 schools).

Of course, it must be really unique and great if it won’t support IE, or else i doubt that it will be approved here…