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if you are addicted to Twitter (and you should be), i have a surprise for you all:)

but firstly, i’d like to say one important thing – you and i and everybody else know that Envato has the BEST community in the world, and it’s absolute truth. some time ago i promised to myself if there is a new service you all will be the first ones to know about it.

time flies really fast! today i want to present you new Twitter-based service. it is very simple and transparent. it is fast and made with love.

let’s imagine that one day you decide to start learning Ruby On Rails. you tweeted about it. but it is not that you simply had to say to the world, to shout something in the dark – you made the ‘point’, you put the anchor. and this point will guide to you lots of people, interested in the same thing – the Ruby On Rails in your case.

well, you are playing in Gears Of War 2? or you’ll quit smoking? you enjoy playing guitar and drums? do you love anime? you can fly? all these are points ! they really can help all of us to meet each other and do it fast!

twoe.info is a simple thing which creates this points. and this is really inspiring!

ThemeForest community proved to be the best one in the modern web and i am absolutely sure that you must see twoe.info first.

but before you start – please check that:
  1. you have 5 minutes of free time
  2. you have a twitter account
  3. you are ready to start ;)

If you are ready – please try http://www.twoe.info and share with me your clear thoughts. i’ll be a very grateful to all of you!