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The last I heard it was almost done! I’ll ask Adrian to update us. :)

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Ok for those interested i’m about to start my office next week!

I have a quote from a local builder and will be posting up pics as i go along!

I am going for a 7m by 3m room with a sound proofed booth at one end. Acoustic platerboard, fibre glass roof, its going to be amazing!
Congrats budy, i always love this thread :)
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Envato team

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve dropped in here!

@Catch22Music It’s great to hear you’re about to start work. Please keep us updated on your progress. And plenty of photos please!

@MSFX No sauna yet, thought the afternoon sun is pretty strong through those glass doors. ;) It’s not so bad now that we’re in winter.

Things haven’t progressed much further than my last photo on page 12 of the thread. I’ve filled in the ditch that was dug for the electricians, and the grass has grown, so I’m no longer surrounded by dirt. In fact, the grass grows too quickly! And I’ve added a new digital piano and MIDI keyboard to my setup.

Working in my office is fantastic. It provides just the right amount of separation between home and work. It’s just a short walk up a hill from my back door (or a quick run if it’s raining). But once I walk through that door and sit at my desk, my head gets in work mode. I find I’m a lot more productive in here.

The walls are still unlined and uninsulated. We’ll get that done eventually. We ran out of money towards the end of the project – some costs blew out a little. We put carpet and air conditioning in by using the credit card! I’ve added some bookshelves full of books to stop sound leaking from one office into the next. I’ve been told it doesn’t work as well as I hoped. ;)

We’ll also eventually look at doing some landscaping. The yard would work better if we put in a retaining wall and steps, instead of the uneven slope that’s there now.

Finally, we’d also like to add on an awning and deck – possibly before starting on the landscaping. That would be the ultimate finishing touch!

We have three rooms in the office in total. Besides my office, here’s how we’re using the other two:

1. My wife’s office has unexpectedly become an exercise room – against her will to some extent. Her desk and computer now share the room with a weight bench, sit up bench, exercise bike, and one of those weight benches with all the pulleys – I don’t know what you call them. The equipment was moved in there for safe keeping after our dog started to chew it all up. ;)

2. The other room is used by my daughter. She’s studying a Bachelor of Arts correspondence course, and needed somewhere quiet to study. She feels so comfortable there that she moved her bed in as well. :)

Well, that’s my quick update. I’ll take some new photos over the next few days (maybe after I mow the lawn…), and post them here.

And Catch22Music and anyone else who’s building or renovating an office, I’d love to hear your updates too. :)

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You may want to try ‘insulating’ from the outside Adrian. I saw a wall the other day that had been covered with netting and attached to that were dozen of wire ‘bags’ filled with straw and mulch and then planted with all sorts of vegetation, some creeping, some bushy. The water runoff from the roof was rigged to drip irrigate. All the wire quickly gets covered. The damp mulch keeps cool in hot weather from evaporation, and in winter it acts as a kind of insulation. I believe that you can grow good crops of strawberries like this too.

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thanks for the update Adrien, sounds awesome. Love the gym room, would love to have that although when we have a house and I put an office in the garden my wife wants it to double as a summer house :| gym ftw!

the idea that joiaco mentioned for growing stuff on the outside sounds awesome, would contemplate doing that with mine although I guess you’d lose some light… hmmm.

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Thanks for the update!

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Can’t wait to see new photos :)