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Hi Guys … I looked over the forums rules and didn’t see anything forbidding “hello” topics, so here’s mine (and I hope it’s in the correct section).

I’m John Fotios, a front end web designer, I like to think of myself as a “WordPress Theme Designer” more than anything else.

I use Adobe Fireworks, draw whatever I want, then turn it into a WordPress Theme.

I worked for a company for 2 years, in the web development department, we’d get jobs and essentially churn out websites like a factory making machine parts. It wasn’t fun and pretty stressful. I’ve decided to take a different approach to web design, to set up my own company. I’ve got a few clients which I’ve been working with on an on going basis. As in, I get to keep working on their websites every month, making them 1000 times better than any I made in the restrictions of the company I used to work for.

I’ve come to Theme Forest with a view of tapping other resources for income. I plan on spending a few months building up a fancy, customizable theme and get it into the Theme Forest market, as well as creating some fancy graphics and buttons etc. I think it’s worth a try as people seem to be doing pretty successfully on this website, doing their dream jobs!

I’m glad I’ve finally signed up, I’ve lurked this place many times before.

I have a question though: How difficult is it?

I know that’s quite vague, but is it just “if you’re good, it’s easy”?

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welcome :)