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I’m wondering if maybe you could help with a bit of Inspiration and Direction.

As always, I get a brilliant idea and jump head first without thinking. Sometimes the water is just right, other times I seem to bonk my head =) That’s another story however…

The idea: My parents live half the year in the United States and half the year in Canada (snowbirds) and every year my mom (getting older) asks me the same question, “where can we find a church Bryce?” and every year I tell her “same place it was last year Mom.”

Age isn’t doing my mom so well as you can see and it inspired a website idea. Why not create a website for our local community to help in locating Churches within and around our community and allow each church to have individual profile pages.

There’s nothing like this for our area and there’s quite a few different churches and I know many people who attend church here. I also know majority of those people also use the Internet and some of these churches could use help in promoting their sermons, locations, events and just general information for both newcomers to the community and those long time residents.

The problem: How do I build it? What would be my best option?

I’m certain I want to run the website with a CMS of some sort, but I also know that many of the users using this website will need something that is very simple and straight forward. Type in your Church Profile, Contact Details, Location, Pictures and Upcoming Events… I do want a membership required for submissions to be made and I want the ability to approve who can join the website.

I figure it would be best if we managed the profiles ourselves since this way we’d be able to manage a consistent look and feel throughout the website instead of every Tom, Dick and Jane updating their profiles and making them look horribly off from the remainder of the website. One thing I personally dislike is a website without a consistent flow (to each their own I guess!)

How would you suggest (if you don’t mind helping) designing this website? What platform should be used in constructing it? I’m thinking SIMPLE , it must be very simple because the ladies and men I know who will be submitting these are not very “up-to-date” with Technology, and want them able to follow the instructions without getting lost.

I do appreciate any and all assistance given. Thanks so much.

Kind regards, Bryce

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