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Just a question to those of you with Facebook Pages,

It’s been well documented on all sorts of online marketing and traffic driving sites that posting pictures rather than updates or links is a much better way to engage your fans and make them see your content.

Posting a picture with a link in the description was a great way to drive your fans to your site.

It was also always said “Take advantage of this now before everyone starts doing it”

Now, have any of you with Pages noticed, that since Facebook implemented their ‘Promote this post’ feature, when you post an image with a URL in the description, it gets nearly 50% less impressions than if you simply post an image without a URL ?

I was unsure whether it was Facebook getting smart and reducing the feed-time of Photos posted with URLs, whether it was simply the time of day between posts or whether it was that the fans on my page are wise to it and choose not to engage the post.

So, I have been carefully viewing over the past month the number of impressions each post receives, finding that simple updates and links posted get only a small amount of attention (obviously) whilst Photos with URLs in the description are getting double that of updates/links, and Photos without URLS getting double again.

A 50 % jump in impressions simply by removing a URL is a pretty big jump for something so small…

Anyone else noticed this?

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I didn’t realize the difference between with/without urls, but I definitely noticed the power of an image! Thanks for sharing, would you recommend posting without a URL , but simply saying, check this out on the site? In order to get more traffic?

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Nice article :)