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Hi, been a while since I posted here.

I think its against Google’s terms as well as Themeforests (maybe), last time I used adwords I could have sworn I saw in the terms that you’re not allowed to add referral links.

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Hey guys. The author’s account wasn’t disabled because he was linking to us, via Google, with his referral id. In fact, we encourage that. If you can make a business out of referring new users to us, we’ll never complain!

His account was disabled because he was using an iframe to load ThemeForest, not to mention purchasing themeforestS.net, which we do not own.

@Brandon – to answer your questions.

1. Why was this user’s account suspended exactly? (I’m not being critical, it was a lame and misleading ad – but I am curious what legal line they crossed so I can stay a mile away from it).

- See above.

2. What ARE we allowed to do in terms of advertising or promoting ThemeForest?

- Pretty much anything! Link through your site, add your referral id to every signature that leads to your profile page, purchase adsense advertising, and have it link to us, etc.

3. What IS NOT allowed?

Issues like this particular case, where the author is taking advantage of the user typing the wrong address, and then, using an iframe to load ThemeForest. That’s dishonest, and is against our policy.

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I was curious about that also, thanks for clearing that up Jeffrey.

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@Jeffrey – excellent explanation :) Thanks as always dude.