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Hey people,

I decided to start making interviews with authors from all marketplaces of Envato, known artists (when i can), and from Envato customers. The interview will be displayed in my website.

So if you belong in any of the above categories and you would like for the rest of the community to get to know you better then send me an email so i can interview you. It will be a very easy process and it will help you display your products and skills.

Whoever is interviewed will get to display 3 items of his choice to the readers. If you don’t have any items to display then you can display whatever you like.

I will try to have an interview every two weeks so you don’t have to be an elite author or a top seller. What i am looking for is interesting people.

So if any of you is interested in an interview please email me through my portfolio. All marketplaces are fine so no limitations on that.