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Dear Themeforest users,

I am looking for a nice clean theme for intranet, max 100 viewers.

I thought it would be easy building it on top of wordpress using a top theme and some customization. Guess what 20 days left en starting to sweat alot.

It needs a good front-page. – blink of an eye see recent news. who’s new. and some buttons to pages and a small recent events calendar.

Also a photo book and a person photo book with filter, and a calendar.

Could someone help me with this or point me in the right direction, there is one more gap needs to work on IE8 to.

Thanks a million already

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Hey t1rnanog,

I guess many of themes in ThemeForest have the specification that you need (I’m not sure about IE8 support. You should check them by yourself).

I would recommend to try to search through the items in marketplace yourself because no one can find a better item to fit for your needs better than you. After you found a few themes that you like them, you should ask your questions from those item’s authors and make sure that this item will fit for your project and then simply buy it :)