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First of all, let me just say finding ThemeForest was the greatest thing that happened for me in 2009. I released just one theme (HTML and Wordpress) since signing up here and it’s sold 1,422 copies between the two versions. As a full-time freelancer, the passive income has been a life saver. I think I funded my recent London vacation entirely on TF earnings!

Anyway, starting in 2010 I want to get more involved in the forum community. I read the forum daily but never post because I worry about not being able to follow up on conversation. I’m a busy guy! ;) My name is Mike and I live in Milwaukee, WI for the time being. Look forward to chatting with you all!

I’m gearing up to release a new theme after the Christmas holiday in both HTML and Wordpress. It includes some neat CSS3 , some PNG magic, and a few other bells and whistles. I’m really excited to get it off the ground. I’m including a preview below, just don’t get any ideas ;)

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That theme looks great can’t wait to see it completed. Happy Holidays !!

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That template looks great!, looking forward on that template.