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I’m running out of time to confirm this as I would like the enter the web elements competition but a file I have been working contains, as part of it, an iPhone – recreated and layered.

I’ve had no response from support@ this week so I’m opening this question to everyone and hopefully some staff; can I include in my PSD a fully editable iPhone as part of a wider design?

I am working on something which will have a header a bit like this as part of the file:

It seems that it is OK on themeforest to use an iPhone, call it an iPhone and promote it as an iPhone app template in the title but with so many rejections here on GR for people using something “that looks like” an iPhone I’m worried that it will get rejected for this reason – causing me to miss the deadline for the competition which would be a shame.

As far as I know when it comes to using an iPhone to promote a product Apple are against you using one of their own photographs in a design – nothing stopping you from using your own made up design or the iPhone UX PSD .

I’ve searched forums, emailed support and asked a staff member directly without any luck or response so this is effectively my last chance before missing the deadline (not a major problem, but disappointing non-the-less!). Thanks! :)

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I would say yes. You cannot go wrong with that. If it is not mandatory, it is a plus.