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Hey Gang. I read through the forums for posts about the iPhone, mobile devices and how they seems to be lacking as a category on this site (or populated in the results).

As a designer—and potential client of yours— I urge at least a few of you to reconsider dipping your toe in the shark tank and watch how quickly we’ll bite.

WHY ? 1) For me, it’s an opportunity to pitch the expense of creating a new website for my existing clients. So, in addition to the revenue I picked up around the time of site launch, I could go back and pitch an entirely new site (aka- the mobile edition).

2) Have you guys the series of JQuery Touch tools that have recently become available??! They mimic a lot of the behaviors typically found in iPhone apps. You KNOW you want to play with them!


http://www.jqtouch.com/preview/demos/main/#home (their demos)

Thanks for hearing me out :)

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if you run a wordpress powered site you can simply use the plugin to automatically create a custom iphone mobile site that matches in colors and layout – no need for custom development.

Also with the iphone in the works screen sizes may differ etc plus with it’s safari based browser it can display a regular site no problem also.

I personally do not see much point.