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Hello, Certain persons trying to lower my item with low ratings, It also reduces sales. They do not stop!

Low reviewers speak with same literature and have many common signs and symptoms That’s end to one author. This person tried to take down my item with Funny DMCA about one week. I did not claim compensation but this process is really uncomfortable.

They beat the spirit of creativity and turn off marketplace with unfair competition by the misuse of laws. They do not think about the collective interest.

I’ve talked to a lawyer and he suggested to fill form against this author about DMCA Abuse, False Copyright Infringement Claims and SLAPP.

I really like to work here but this matters greatly upset me. I always thought this kind of inappropriate behavior does not happen in envato. I really believe that envato truly respects our rights and our ideas.
I’m looking for a way to end this unwanted and childish feud.


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I agree. We have to do more to protect the sellers from these abusive actions.

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Envato team

Hey :) You’re correct, it’s never fun to be attacked or when others try and game the system against you. As we can’t really help with author disputes here on the forums, I really encourage you to open up a Support ticket and let the Support team know all the details. They’ll be happy to look into the matter for you. Thanks!