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@ArikB you have to admit that all those articles killing flash are nothing but some naive writings.
I have one question for you.. do you see Flash more like a piece of software that is owned by Adobe and annoying? or like a tool that lets people show things that can’t be viewed in other way?
If you ask me… i can say that this tool is needed/wanted no matter his name.
Flash will die only when there will be another thing to take his tasks.
And when that will happen(html 5-6-7).. I’m sure you will miss flash being just a plugin, easy to disable and used only on those sites that wanted/needed an original presentation. :)

Advertising world on the web is dead without a tool like flash.

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Yes Flash will die eventually… everything that has a beginning has an end, after all we will all die.. nothing lives for ever right? I guess that is the answer you were looking for ArikB? ;)

inna lillah wa inna ‘ilayhi raji’un

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I see it as something that is owned by adobe and I see it as a tool. Flash isn’t annoying, it’s the eventual swf that might come out, it might be annoying (think ads without a sound off button).

Well when something will take its place, if it will be implemented correctly, you should be able to disable it. What you are doing right now is that you’re speculating about a future technology based on current standards. You have no guarantee that a plugin-less web will be like that, right? We don’t know what the W3C is thinking off. there are people from every single “big company” on that board along with other people who know the Internet down to every single detail. Tim Berners-Lee is on that panel.

With regards to advertising, again, whole other world. Tech Analytics are saying that the Internet is moving from an ad based model to a subscription based model. Basically google is the biggest company living off ads right? But it’s shown that ad campaigns only work for xx amount of time, eventually companies revert to selling products or having a subscription service (like paid support).

This is all sooooooo way over my head, that I can’t predict what’s going to happen.

I’m pretty confident flash isn’t going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.

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Tsafi, tagid li, lama jesh lega obsessia kazot im MSFX ?? :P

Translation: Tsafi, why are you so obsessed with MSFX ? :P

Well I don’t understand your gibberish stuff.

Msfx is a good persona to be abuse, i invite any one on AD feel free to trash the man it’s a mandatory obligation if you are a true flasher.

Better do it fast before flash will die (where the hell you brought this statement, flash will never die ,AD is not a measure for flash popularity maybe your influence is from your gibberish friends they hate flash mostly because they cant afford it or understand it and its so bad to work with flash and gibberish)

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Envato team

Hey guys,

This has been a very interesting topic, but gotten a little heated and it’s time to move on. :)