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I got this support request of a first time poster in one of the author’s forums I work for.

Is this a language barrier issue or is threatening and disrespect really the way to go?
Is this the real life – or just a fantasy?

I don’t know what the point of this thread is really, but I wanted to share this.
Now on to helping them.

Hope you ain’t got such users!

Cheers guys

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Wow this guy is really ‘direct’, to stay polite.

Some people…

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Dear buyer

I am sorry, but as written in the support terms, the theme is bought “as-it-is” and no support is given for custom requests such as yours. Yes, you’re right, the theme uses media queries for the responsive part so you could simply remove them if you feel that the responsive version isn’t what you’re after.

If you’re looking to hire someone to help you out: (affiliate link to Elto comes here)

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Definitely an attitude problem and very, very direct as OriginalEXE mentioned. Anyone who approaches me in this way, gets a permanent support forum ban but it hasn’t happened yet (fortunately). It’s simple, treat each other as you want to be treated yourself.

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It might just be me – but that doesn’t seem that bad

Sorry you don’t like the responsive version – To remove it simple remove lines 2800 – 2882 in styles.css located here > here > here

Maybe add in that a refund isn’t an appropriate threat and that quality of support is easily measured.

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if “how to not ask for support” was in the dictionary, that post would be included as example.

ps. the ip address is still in the image, you may want to remove it.

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While we name certain part of our work as “Support”, that means we are prepared for any kind of customer with any kind of approach while communicating.

As long as we call it “Support” instead of “help”, certainly we should expect some level of misunderstanding and weird approaches! :D

I would suggest authors to use the word “help” wherever it requires to point support! :P