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Ok, I have an interesting idea. It’s well known, that if an item is not good enough for one category, that doesn’t mean it’s not good enough for all of ThemeForest, e.g. it might be ok for another less-flooded category with lower requirements, right?

So, my question is this: If you get an item hard rejected for not being good enough in, say creative portfolio category (one of the categories with the highest requirements), can you try it in, say personal if the item fits the category, without making changes? Or, will any resubmit of a previously hard rejected item with no changes, result in punishment, regardless of the category?

What do you think?

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I am not staff but am pretty sure that it would not work.

The reason for rejection is rarely just the competition of the category and more often issues with code, design etc which would feature no matter what category it is in. Plus WP themes are reviewed by the same people no matter what the category so even if it is possible you would need to make it very clear what you are doing.