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Hi all,

As soon I reached 100+ items I started to think how to update it automatically. Also I heard other authors manually update items descriptions to include references to other items, the best items, etc. Is it boring?

I am glad to report that I developed simple updater. It is Excel application which allows any author to update as many items as you need with simple buttons press. Single or multiple(as many as you want) footers are supported. You can easily update already added manually footers too.

It works for Windows OS. Sorry if you are Mac or Linux user or if you dont have Excel from Microsoft Office package (any version starting MS office 97 shall works fine).

you can free download it here http://rghost.net/37554567

Please read “Help” sheet before any usage! Also you will need to enable macros(active content). It shall work I assume on any market here but I tested it on my 5 AudioJungle items and on my 100+ videohive items only. Will try to fix any issues you report but you may update it too if you know VBA .

Have a great sales!

P.S. I hope this kind of post is allowed. Anyway this is just a simple open VBA code in form of exel (you may check or modify it btw) with purpose to help other authors don’t spend a lot of time anymore doing hundreds updates manually. Code works on VBA and it is not fast (and no paraller pages updates of course) so traffic to the envato server shall not be huge to make any inconvinience for Envato .

Best Regards,