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I have seen another website that hosts contests for buyers looking for music for their productions. Companies post what it is they are looking for and perhaps a video that they would like the music written for, and then people submit their entries. After a period of say 13 days, a winner is chosen. During the contest period, the company (contest host) provides feedback, and the music writers and producers can make updates to the tracks and upload them as new entries. This helps the host get music that is close to what they are looking for and helps the producers create tracks that the host likely wants.

In order to draw contestants (producers), the host submits a reward (typically form around $600 to around $3,500) that is given to the winner after the contest is over for the rights to use the winning track. Sometimes the rights are exclusive, sometimes they are not. Non-exclusive licenses usually come with lower awards and exclusives normally reward higher amounts.

Anyway, you get the basic idea now. I think Envato should consider implementing something like this. I have seen one website doing pretty good at it. They charge the host $99 to host a contest, non-refundable. If a winner is not chosen, the website refunds the reward amount, less any non-refundable fees.

I think Envato could do a better job at attracting hosts. Just my two cents.

P.S. Another positive to this contest could be the resulting number of tracks that may be worthy of adding to audiojungle after a contest ends. The website I keep mentioning above allows the non-winning tracks to be submitted to their online catalogue to be sold in their marketplace.

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I like the concept. It would also be a great opportunity for authors to get some acquaintance. There are some beautiful fish in the sea. But some of them never get discovered because all the attention goes to the big whales. It’s one of the best initiatives I’ve heard of lately, that can give the small authors a chance and still be economically attractive for envato.

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Wo… That Is a fantastic idea. Especially agree with what Pianojungle was saying about exposure. Then I suppose the ‘rejected’ ideas could always be recycled by the authors into their regular Audiojungle portfolio, so there’s no wasted effort really.

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Envato team

Hello GuitarJock, thanks for sharing your thoughts! :) Funnily enough we’ve talked about this in the past behind the scenes on AJ. We actually came up with a good way to possibly handle this on AudioJungle. The one thing we would NOT want to do however is turn this into any kind of “spec work” which Envato quite rightly frowns upon. Hopefully one day this will be something that we can revisit again and introduce as AudioJungle continues to grow. I don’t think it’s as much of a top priority as say licenses and search which are a couple of the projects at the top of our agenda right now, but it’s definitely good food for thought. Glad you mentioned it, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! :)