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I for one don’t reply to stupid questions. If my file for example is made to move a box from left to right and you ask me the same question I will not reply.

I also don`t reply to buyers who ask questions that I clearly added to the documentation.

I hate wasting time, and 90% of buyers are just lazy. They open the file and expects it to self install.
If the answer to their question is in the documentation you should point them in that direction — not ignore them. In the end the customer is always right, answer each and every question even the obvious ones, it will reflect in your sales. It’s just good business :)


@Enabled I agree with you, most of the times customers are lazzy but it’s our job to help them get back on track polaitly (hope that’s how it is written :P )

politely :P

I know, but trust me, when you get the same question 10 times, and you reply the same answer 10 times, update your documentations and FAQ ’s and they still ask… you will just go nuts…

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I don’t think that 90% of buyers are just lazy. From reading many theme comments many of these buyers are just new to Wordpress. Of course that doesn’t mean that the authors have to teach them too, but they should exercise a little patience and use some discretion and diplomacy when replying to questions.

Many of these buyers will get over the learning curve and will remember the authors who were patient with them. I did.