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Komplete 7 is the best thing ive bought, considering the price, the number of powerful softwares inside and the amazing sound quality, presets, samples, etc. I bought it some months ago and I’‘m sure this is gonna keep me busy exploring it for many years.

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Ok … how about this.

How much does it cost now ? $550 ? You are great musician / composer. You’ve proven that. Take this money, go buy yourself holidays :-)

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The Final Verdict:

Thanks again to everyone who responded, your help was truly awesome, and in the mean time I was also able to learn about some new virtual instruments and plugins that I didn’t even know about! So, given all the awesome things I heard, plus what I heard with my own ears, I waited until I found a deal online and ordered Komplete 7.

It comes with 12 discs and took about 2 hours to fully install, but wow was this ever worth it….the interface of the Kontakt 4 player may be just as good as the samples and plugins themselves!

My first track using all samples from the Komplete library is called “Return Of The Triumphant King”. If you’re now in the same boat where you are looking to see an example it may help give you an idea of one of the many ways it can be used, just look for it in my port.

One more thing – you should have a top notch audio interface, a healthy amount of ram and a 64 bit operating system if you are really going to use this baby in all it’s glory…after 16 simultaneous VSTi’s and their respective plug-ins (reverbs, compressors and eq’s) latency finally started becoming and issue….I have a great computer as well, so just a heads up :)

Other then that – AMAZING !