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Yeah I agree this site definitely needs to be harder on the bad templates, I was doing a post on my blog about my favourite 10 themes on ThemeForest and I nearly struggled to find 10 that we’re worthy of a place, now I’m not saying that my themes are the best but there is some really depressingly bad work on the site that needs to be gotten rid of really so that people will start to respect the site more.

I understand that there are a lot of people trying to get into the web design business at the moment and templates are a great way to start (builds up your portfolio and teaches you design practically) but a lot of templates on here wouldn’t even get downloaded on free sites so some quality control is essential now.

Good call Jeffrey :)

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Quality – Quality – Quality – now all together –

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I think TF needs to sort out its view on censoring its users. I submitted a help ticket a while back about a user on my theme’s page that wouldn’t stop harassing me and TF sent me a response saying they didn’t want the users to feel like they were being censored. This user had made post after repeated post of information that was damaging and rude and nothing was done.

Now in the forums I post a link to someone’s work (I posted it in the forums because I don’t feel its fair to put it on the theme’s page) and say I don’t feel its up to standard quality and that is being frowned upon as being rude or unfair? That just seems like completely opposing viewpoints to me. Its like saying “We don’t want to censor anyone (unless we feel like it)”

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my bad

i definitely want to foster a welcoming and open community.

consider the message delivered.

i can definitely appreciate the hurt something like that can cause. Again, I apologize, both to the theme designer, and to everyone else.

Now, back to theme designing. :)

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It seems that not all of the reviewers were informed about quality control. I’m sure you know which theme I’m referring to.

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Really glad to hear the quality is going to be more stringently measured!

I’ve been a huge fan of everything envato-related for ages now, and was extremely excited when the creation of themeforest was announced. However, despite checking virtually every day, I’ve yet to see a template I thought was worth purchasing – It’s not that there aren’t some nice designs, but I’ve yet to see anything special, that was over and above the kind of thing I could produce myself.

For example, I’ve always been an advocate for flashden, regularly recommending colleagues & friends go there for superb flash downloads. However, until now, I’ve been less willing to recommend people come here, as I’ve found myself saying “themeforest sells websites templates you can use for your site… but there aren’t too many nice designs just yet”. I guess it just shows how powerful word of mouth is; I’m just a little disappointed that I’m not in a position where I feel comfortable recommending the site yet (I’m sure this will change).

Anyway, really look forward to seeing some great new designs – and I may even put my money where my mouth is and submit a design or two.

Thanks, Dan

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