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Also thank you all for your posts and comments, much appreciated, I think this is a healthy debate, but at the end of the day we do just want to get the job done and move forward….

Best regards….

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Do you know what a basic customization contents?
Replacing footage, titles, colors and making minor adjustments.
That is exaclty what I did for both projects for a price of $60 per project.
It is a fair price for both of us, everyone will agree.
The price of $25 per project for a second customization is fair to.
I only want to make you aware of the fact that my service can cost twice as much.
There was no intention to mislead anybody on this one.
But actually, this thread is made to discuss the licence and the story behind.
To make things clear:
You received the final end products with the agreed customizations a month ago.
I can post private dialogues between me and anilksareen if anyone doubts my honesty.

The main problem here is that for me, it is hard to believe the end products are not used.
That is the only problem. Not the money nor my indian brother.
I think the final decision is to me and I have the right to refuse this job.

And yes, I am convinced that clients are thankful for our business. Just as we are thankful for our clients.