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ok…. just curious! I know that we all probably spend an enormous amount of time in front of our computers and keeping current on the latest updates, software and techniques of the trade. Also, if like me when you are away from the computer your mind still seeks to capture the various nuances of life we encounter and then goes into hyperdrive to translate and use in the 3d world… whether an interesting design element is found in nature, architecture or otherwise.

So, Life is good! :)

But… when not designing and striving to grasp the ever growing pool of knowledge and learning- What is it you like to do?

Me I enjoy photography, hiking and chess a good movie, Funyuns and spending time with family :)

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Life is GooOooOod :D Oh.. where to start, :P

Every Saturday i participate in a football game, i do a bit of football freestyle, i spend a lot of time out with my extended-family members (yes, i have around 16 cousins and all of them are great ! some are even authors here on envato, we have big plans ;) ), movies… occasionally, i also enjoy snacking in front of a big screen showing football ( yes, i am a huge football fan ).

cheers ! , interesting thread by the way :D

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Envato team

When I eventually do pull myself away from my computer I’m usually out with friends, chilling in my flat, playing on my Playstation 3.

I also enjoying playing with my Poi and Devilsticks. I have played with Poi on fire but not devilsticks yet.

When I’m outside I love having the odd BBQ , going camping and doing a spot of photography.