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Hi All

I dont know, why my logo was rejected, Please let me know , how to improve and what to be improved

Please view my logo below

The below reason for rejection from GR

Your file has some well done design concepts, however it does not meet the current and very stringent quality guidelines and we can not accept your file at this time.

GraphicRiver recently announced a new policy for increased quality and design standards for accepted files. For more information, you can read about it here: http://graphicriver.net/forums/thread/important-new-quality-standards-on-graphicriver/35094/

To understand the quality of the files accepted to the GraphicRiver library, see the Popular Files list: http://graphicriver.net/page/top_sellers .

If you would like feedback from your peers on improving your file, please visit the Item Discussion forum. – http://graphicriver.net/forums/topic/item-discussion/50

Thanks in Advance


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This could definitely do with some work:

1) the shapes look a bit like ghosts swirling in the circle, I’m sure this is not the message you intended to transmit

2) get rid of the monochrome versions they are boring and bland. Concentrate on the colour one

3) I’m not 100% convinced of the choice of font, play around with different ideas

4) give the shapes a little depth, not just flat colour

5) find a nice colour palette, at the moment the for colours don’t look very interesting

6) at the moment the images similar to too big and the text a little too small. Make sure they work together harmoniously

Hope this helps for a start