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What can be improved in this logo?

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Hi, Nice try graphicmind but I think it’s not very attractive & intuitive. For me the icon is not looking like a furniture and the text is also very simple. You can try to create a sofa set with pixel of different shades & giving it a 3D kind of look & feel.

Have a look at few of these pixelated images that give a feel of 3D:

Just work a bit more on it & you are done. All the best Bro :)

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The logotype needs refining…

To start, the ‘pixels’ that make up the logo are in fact not square, their rectangular. If your using AI to make the logo, hold down shift when using the shape tool, this will keep the aspect ratio of the shape at 1:1. Allowing the perfect square.

Secondly I would work on the typeface used. From a glance it appears to be Arial / Helvetica; these typefaces look rather bland and more importantly don’t suit the logotype itself. Try a more unique font face.

Thirdly I would question the profitability of the logotype. Customers would use things such as ‘pixel labs’ or ‘pixel creative’ to brand their creative company; but I would not think many furniture sellers would want to market their furniture using a pixel related logo.