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It depends. I don’t think it’s overpriced if I wanted to buy a logo for my company.

But for my simple, personal weblog…. I may have bought one if they were cheaper, right now I created one myself. But then again, most personal websites don’t have any logo’s. :)

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Logo template is one of the categories that struggle for sales. Hardly can you see a logo template that has procured huge sales. And why is that? Is a question we should all ponder.

Do you know why Envato markerplaces have grown so BIG and surpassed other long existing competitors? Because of the system principles and high quality items at very affordable rates. Other marketplaces online failed to understand that and always sell their stuffs very expensive and they find it extremely difficult to realize how much Envato is making every month.

Concerning logo price – it is not the price that matters – it is the amount of sales. I rather sale an item at very affordable rate and make huge sales and realize more money than what the expensive file has made. That is a wise business strategy and that is the main reason why Envato marketplaces are very successful. I’m not saying this because I’m part of this ‘community of intellectuals’. The fact is that Envato marketplaces are doing extremely well. Don’t be surprised that a matter of 2 years from now, Photodune will be rocking all over the internet because images are sold at very affordable rates unlike other stock image marketplaces.

However, it is either the price of logo template that is the major cause of the low sales or it is not essentially needed by buyers. But the GOOD thing about logo template is that. “it is an item that never fades and sales can be slow but steady.”

Best regards.

I totally agree with you. The price is fair and allows it to be more accessible as there are companies that do not have budget to spend on your corporate image. :)