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Hi guys,

currently I am designing my new wp theme, but I need a very experienced designer who could complete it and knows well design.

I dont want to share the income of the theme, I will pay you once and when it sells well, you will get a bonus once again. I am developing products especially for djs, musicians and producers.

So when you think you are very experienced designer and you have good skills in webdesign, not only graphic skills, you also know the DOES AND DONTS in webdesign, then drop me a mail.

Please send me your prices for a logo and a webdesign only the home page. I would like to see some of your works and your skills. When you have skills in coding and grid systems, its also a bonus point.

By the way as designer for my themes, you will get an own author section on my site: http://dj-templates.com There I will redirect to your personal site.

Thanks in advance, Rafael

P.S. More jobs are not excluded!!!